Photo Restoration & Retouching Services

In our digital lab, we work using some of the latest technology to restore old or damaged photographs, as well as recent photos that just need the latest retouching techniques applied. There are so many retouching and manipulation possibilities that can enhance your photos. For example, making the eyes bluer, the teeth whiter, the skin more perfect, the thighs slimmer, etc. We can improve or correct problems with lighting, color, or contrast. We especially enjoy giving new life to an old photograph that has been buried in the attic for several years or damaged through time. Don’t let your photos fade away! You can have us archive them for your future generations and store them safely on CD or DVD.

Just a few of the services we can provide:

  • Resize a photograph
  • Crop an image
  • Color correction
  • Increase or decrease the color saturation
  • Sharpen all or part of an image
  • Remove unnecessary objects
  • Reduce the effects of aging (digital plastic surgery on portraits)
  • Clean up scratches and spots
  • Remove shadows from a subject (due to poor lighting)
  • Lighten shadowed areas of an image
  • Repair blown-out or overexposed parts of an image
  • Improve or increase the overall tonal contrast of the photograph
  • Turn a color photo to a black & white photo
  • Apply a sepia tone (or any color tone) to a black & white photo
  • Combine two images together
  • Take someone or something out of a photograph

Art Works:

  • Create a (digital) Watercolor or Oil Painting, from a special photograph
  • Add special artistic effects to a photographic image in order to create a unique look
  • Design advertising work, brochures, posters, flyers, etc.

Each photo restoration project is unique and will need an individual price estimate. You may refer to our Photo Restoration Price List for a general idea on our pricing.

For price estimate, please contact us.